A (Somewhat) Quick Intro to Mathematica

This is a little Mathematica tutorial written for a group of chemists I knew. Its purpose is to quickly get one used to programming in Mathematica with an eye for its various strengths, weakness, pitfalls, and idiosyncrasies.


The tutorial is broken into sections which may be browsed in the Table of Contents. There is also navigation bar to take one between sections.

Running Code

To facilitate the ease of use, this tutorial provides a sandbox Wolfram Cloud notebook accessible via the thumb at the bottom of each tutorial page.


If you'd like to contribute, a copy of this lives at github.com/mresources/tutorial and any changes you make can be merged in.

The website is built from a collection of Mathematica notebooks using the SiteBuilder package in BTools and so any contributions will have to be in the form of either Markdown or Markdown notebooks.


This tutorial was written very quickly. There are undoubtedly errors in it. Please feel free to report any to me on the tutorial GitHub repository and I'll try to correct them at my soonest convenience.

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